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Keeping you moving forward

Our mission is to meet the needs of our patients and the community by remaining at the forefront of orthopaedic treatment advances.

Cutting-edge materials such as titanium, ceramics and plastics have strengthened weight-bearing surfaces, which minimize wear and tear, and increase longevity.

Ongoing improvements in minimally invasive surgery are transforming the landscape and our surgeons remain at the forefront. Our comprehensive minimally invasive hip and knee replacement program encompasses all aspects of the surgical process including preoperative education, advances in pain management techniques, implant modifications and post-operative care.

Orthopaedic Hip Services

The hip is one of the largest joints of the body. It is a “ball-and-socket” joint formed by the pelvis (acetabulum/socket) and the upper end of the thighbone (femoral head/ball). The bone surfaces are covered with cartilage that protects and cushions the bones and allows them to move easily.

We can help you ensure your hip is in tip-top shape everyday so you can keep moving forward.

Hip Arthritis

Hip Failed Implants

Hip Replacement

Hip Traumatic Injuries

Orthopaedic Knee Services

Your knee is the largest and strongest joint in your body. It is made up of the lower end of the thighbone (femur), the upper end of the shinbone (tibia) and the kneecap (patella). The area where these three bones touch are covered with articular cartilage, a smooth, slippery substance that protects the bones and enables them to glide easily against each other as you move your leg.

Our goal is to keep your knee mobile so you can continue forging ahead.

Knee Arthritis

Knee Failed Implants

Knee Replacement

Knee Traumatic Injuries